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I live in Cambridge, MA, USA and Cape May, NJ, USA

Alan Kotok

Alan is the Associate Chairman of the World Wide Web Consortium.

He was employed from 1962 to 1996 by Digital Equipment Corporation.

Judie Kotok (1943-2005)

Judie was Alan's wife for 28 1/2 years. She succumbed on 27 October 2005 to side effects from treatment for a blood cancer called Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia. At the time of her death, Judie was on the faculty of the Longy School of Music where she was Director of Children's Choral Music and taught piano.

Judie was the director of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey's annual Youth Choir Week, held in Cape May since 1989.

Photo of Judie on Martha's Vineyard, July 2005

Judie on Martha's Vineyard, July 2005

Alan and Judie in Hamburg, Germany, 2004

Alan and Judie in Hamburg, Germany, August 2004, at the conclusion of the North German Organ Tour

Kotok Family Genealogy project

This is a sometimes effort of Alan's, in cooperation with David R. Kotok of Vineland, NJ.

Family data is collected in a genealogical program called Reunion. Linked below is a set of Descendent Charts from that program:

Photo of Alan B. Kotok, Judith Kotok and Alan Kotok

The photo above, taken November, 1999, shows Alan's namesake, Alan B. Kotok, on the left, Judie Kotok, Alan's wife, in the middle, and Alan on the right.

Judie, Leah & Alan Kotok, May 2001
This photo is of Judie, Alan's wife, Leah, our daughter, and Alan. It was taken in May 2001.

Photo of Leah, Judie & Alan Kotok, Ricki Beck, and Daryl Beck

Family photo, November 2001. L-to-R: Leah, Judie & Alan Kotok, Ricki Beck, and Daryl Beck.

Some photos:

Wedding of Megan McCoy 2004

North German Organ Tour 2004

Business trip to New Delhi, India, 2005

Ancient history:

Paper on 1962 Chess Program (HTML)

Complete copy of Alan's 1962 MIT Bachelor's thesis on Chess Program (PDF)

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